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Ear Wax: How Do You Clean Your Ears?

How can you clean an excessive ear wax buildup? The only good way to know if you have wax buildup is to see a professional. At HearCare, we can check your ears for wax buildup and remove any excess wax using a few different treatment options.

The only at-home wax removal we at HearCare would recommend is an over-the-counter kit.

You can find many over-the-counter options sold online and in stores. However, we don’t typically advise using them. We don’t often recommend these kits because they frequently involve a liquid rinse or splash using a ball syringe.

This kind of treatment is ill advised, especially if you have a history of ear problems. These can also end up increasing the issue rather than flushing the blockage. If you add moisture to a significant amount of debris in the ear, it can lead to a larger ear wax blockage or clump. It is for these reasons we do not advise using home remedies.

If taking care of a wax buildup at home is absolutely necessary, talk to your hearing health professional to get their recommendation for an over-the-counter kit. Ultimately, it is best to see an audiologist or ENT for ear wax removal.