Hearing Aids Technology

I want to talk a little bit about hearing technology. In the year 2020. There are six major brands of hearing aid technology really across the world. That’s a far cry from 22 years ago when I started this business, there was close to 30 brands available. So like in a lot of industries there’s been a tremendous amount of consolidation, basically the larger hearing aid companies have kind of swallowed up or, or eaten up the smaller technology companies so it really leaves six brands total, and that’s a good thing because these six brands really are making incredible technologies, I think a lot of people look at smartphone technologies and feel that maybe smartphones kind of outpaced hearing aid technologies.

Boy, if I was, I could argue that if I look at what hearing aids looked like five years ago, in terms of what they can do today. It’s just incredible. And I think if you were to talk to sound engineers that create these technologies. It very much rivals the fastest growing technologies in consumer electronics. So in subsequent videos here.

Look at the site, I’m going to review the forum listings companies, we, we adhere care, really fit four of the six, I would do that for a couple reasons. We really think that for the companies out shine.

The two others we think two of the companies are kind of lagging a little bit in technology so that’s when you really have to trust your provider to choose to stay up on the best technologies available. And that certainly there’s the component where you can become knowledgeable of lots of different technologies but of mastering them so we really try to think, we think is the best technology, and then become experts in fitting them.

Are You Ready To Hear Better?

Hearing better starts with a diagnostic hearing test to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your hearing and a conversation with a hearing health care professional to determine what measures you can take to improve your hearing.

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