Hearing Loss Caused by Ear Wax?

One of the questions we get asked frequently is, “Could my hearing loss be caused by earwax?”  Earwax blockages can cause hearing loss, but
frankly, it’s not usually the case.


Ninety percent of hearing loss is caused by permanent nature by nerve, not earwax, though it certainly could be a reason.
Oftentimes, cause like a full feeling of fullness or obviously a blockage. It can actually cause pain if it gets pushed down far enough so for that reason alone we really would never recommend that you try to go in your ear with any type of an object to try to clean out your wax. So if you come to your care, how do we assess that obviously we’ll look at your ears. We’re fortunate we have a video otoscope, so I do this to my own ear.


This is a video
version of what your doctor often uses. And if I can draw your attention up to
this TV camera up here. We’ll take take this in the ear and if you can track my
ear. That’s my eardrum right there. Stop that. And I want to highlight this.


So we look down inside
of an ear, looking straight down at your canal, that’s a normal look in your
back I have a lot of hair in my ear, I have a dog for that will be nuts for a
little while, just having a simple dog here in your ear so I know that things
in yours can be bothersome. Again, don’t go digging around in there. Come in,
we can take a look inside your ears. Again, we’re looking for a nice, healthy
eardrum with no obstruction right To that


end, don’t try to do
anything under


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