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Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids – Battery Life

Phonak’s latest hearing aid model is the Phonak Marvel. There are a couple things I love about them, so I owe it to you to tell you the good and the bad. There’s a whole bunch of good, but two negatives of Phonak Marvel relate to their rechargeability.

The first thing is the rechargeable battery life. Being able to charge your hearing aids like your cell phone is a major convenience over changing batteries, but the battery life just isn’t the greatest, especially if you use the streaming function frequently. If you’re a really active person, and you stream either music or phone calls through the hearing devices for hours throughout the day, you’re going to get about 16 hours of battery life. That’s if you’re averaging about a four hours a day of streaming. So, if you’re really active and you have a long day, you’ll end up pushing the battery life. If that’s the case, there are other other products that may have longer battery life for you.

The second thing that I don’t love about the Marvels relates to the chargeability. The way the hearing aids sit down on the charger is a little tricky, especially in comparison to how other manufacturers have designed it. The Phonak chargers have a bit of a trick to them: you have to put the hearing aids in at the right angle and make sure they snap into the charger. For those of us with weakened hands or dexterity issues, this could be a challenge. We can always consider whether there are better products in our portfolio to recommend for you.