Ear Wax: How Do You Clean Your Ears?

How do you clean your ears out if you do have an excessive amount of ear wax? We talked about how there’s really no way to know if you have wax without seeing a professional.


But if you think you have ear wax, the only thing we would ever really recommend is something over-the-counter. There’s a number of commercially bought over-the-counter earwax removal kits. We don’t typically recommend those for a couple of reasons: Most involve putting liquid in the ear and then some type of liquid, rinse, or a splash through a bulb syringe.


If you’ve ever had any ear problem, any past ear infections, if you for some reason had even a small rupture in the ear canal using something like that would be ill advised. The other issue is, if you have a significant amount of debris in the ear and then you add moisture to it, it can lead to a clump or blockage and actually make the issue even worse. So home remedies for ear wax are really not advised.


Again, if you really really felt the need to do something at home, the only thing we’d ever recommend is an over-the-counter kit, but ultimately you’re in better hands coming to a professional for wax removal.

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