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Ken Stewart

HearCare Audiology in Northeast Indiana offers exceptional hearing health care with premium hearing technology. 

Our team of hearing healthcare professionals are well-equipped with the latest hearing technology so you can always be ready to have THE BEST conversations of your life.

We work with all major hearing aid manufacturers to provide patients with the best available options in the industry. 

HearCare Audiology offers a vast range of services from expert hearing assessment, treatment and counseling to find the optimal fit for each patient’s unique audiological profile.

Patient Reviews

Heather Bauman
"Ken at HearCare was the first audiologist that listened to my Mom and understood the challenges she was facing daily. He adjusted her hearing aids and treated her with kindness and care while being thorough and knowledgeable. We greatly appreciate all he did for Mom and our family!"
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Barry Belknap
"Very personable and very thorough. It was my first time for hearing aids. The exam quickly defined my hearing loss and their process found me the right product to address the issues. I love my hearing aids and the follow-up process to keep everything working."
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Jeremy Luther
"Ken and all of the staff were wonderful! They made sure I knew everything I needed to know about my new hearing aids and answered any questions I had. It’s great to be able to be able to go out or be around crowds and now hear conversations I previously missed out on. I highly recommend HearCare!"
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HearCare Audiology is an audiology center that you can trust.

HearCare Audiology is a hearing center based in Huntington, Indiana. We provide top-tier hearing care for a wide range of people, whether they’re afflicted by hearing loss, tinnitus, or excessive ear wax problems. Operating for many years in the Huntington area, we have seen the difference that our audiology services can make in people’s lives first-hand.

Our professional audiologists carry out their cutting-edge treatments in our well-equipped hearing center, harnessing all the latest audiology tools and technology to maximize the chances of improving your hearing. Working with thousands of patients over the years, we know that everyone’s needs are different, so whether it’s hearing aids or tinnitus therapy, we’ll give you treatment to help improve your quality of life and clarity of sound.

Better Hearing Starts at our Huntington Hearing Center

With therapy, patience, and the right tools, our audiologists can start your journey to better hearing. Although it’s impossible to naturally improve hearing once it has been lost, hearing aids and therapy can provide you with hearing as good as new. Once you visit our Huntington hearing center, our team will tailor a recovery plan that maximizes your clarity.

An Audiology Practice with a Big Goal

We’re an audiology practice in Huntington, IN with aspirations: from hearing aids to earwax removal, we want to help the residents of Huntington to experience life to the fullest. Our goal is to drastically improve your quality of life and clarity of sound so you never have to miss those important moments ever again.

HearCare Audiology
Premium Hearing Care in 5 Locations

HearCare Audiology has five office locations ensuring that local residents in the Northeast Indiana area can have access to premium hearing health care.

Do you suffer from hearing loss? Our audiologist can help.

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss, but it’s not the burden that it used to be back in the day. With modern advances in audiology research and hearing aid technology, our Huntington team can restore and recreate large parts of your hearing, making it easier to go about your daily business without the fear of mishearing others.

Hearing Aids

When you have hearing loss, hearing aids inevitably become a large part of your everyday life. Some people (especially younger patients) are self-conscious about their hearing aids, so we work closely with our patients to select clear yet discreet aids that best suit them and their personal needs.

The HearCare Audiology team is meticulous throughout the hearing aid fitting and evaluation process, making sure that your aids are tailored to the shape of your ear for a comfortable fit day-in-day-out. Our experienced audiologists carefully assess your needs, creating the perfect hearing devices to boost your confidence, no matter your age or condition.

Hearing Tests

If you find yourself asking people “what did you say?” a little too often, it’s possible that you have some issues with hearing loss. To put your mind at ease, our experienced audiologists perform extensive hearing tests in soundproof environments to accurately assess your hearing and advise you on any areas of weakness in your hearing spectrum.

Gradual hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process, but our team can let you know whether your hearing is declining more quickly than it should. For example, if you have a job in a noisy environment, you may be risking accelerated hearing loss. HearCare Audiology can advise you on the best ways to preserve your range and prevent further damage to your ears.

Hearing Services

From hearing aids to ear wax removal, all of our services are carried out by fully-qualified audiologists using industry-leading tools and techniques.

Advanced Tinnitus Therapy

Over 50 million Americans struggle with some form of tinnitus – a persistent ringing in the ears. Depending on your condition, the ringing may be constant (chronic tinnitus) or it may come and go. Either way, our audiologists offer advanced tinnitus therapy treatments which aim to treat this condition and minimize its effect on our everyday lives.

There are numerous ways to combat the effects of tinnitus, such as middle ear steroids and anti-anxiety medications that reduce stress. Tinnitus can be worsened by stress, noisy environments, and certain substances, so you may be advised to make some lifestyle changes in order to reduce the effects.

Ear Wax Removal

If you experience hearing troubles, ear pain, itchy ears, dizziness, or mild tinnitus, it could be that you have too much wax in your ears. Although ear wax is designed to be good for our ears, modern inventions like headphones and cotton buds can leave us with excess wax, necessitating a removal.

Our audiologists perform professional ear wax removal services such as irrigation and manual wax removal, making the process as comfortable as possible for you. It’s much safer to have your earwax removed by a professional than to do it yourself and risk damaging your ears.

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