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Lyric hearing aids are made for people who want 100% discreteness and top quality performance from their hearing devices. Most hearing aids in the market today either offer a sleek, discreet design OR a powerful, top performing mini-machine – rarely both.

With Lyric hearing aids, you can enjoy the inconspicuousness of a high-performing hearing device.

Since it was released in 2007, Lyric hearing aids have been receiving a warm welcome and receiving good reviews building to its highly respectable reputation in the hearing aid industry. 

Lyric hearing aids are now on its fourth generation and according to Phonak, they are the world’s only 100% invisible hearing devices and can be worn 24/7 for months. The components of Lyric hearing aids have undergone further innovation to keep it guarded against earwax and other foreign objects, increasing the device’s reliability.

The fourth generation of Lyric hearing aids has been made a little more smaller to give more comfort to the wearer.

Benefits of Lyric Hearing Aids

100% invisible – With Lyric hearing aids, you don’t need to feel shy or worried if your hearing aid is peeking out of your ear for everyone to see in plain sight. Since Lyric hearing aids are housed in the ear canal and can stay there for extended periods of time, you don’t need to change batteries every so often and you don’t also have to take it out/in every day.

Discrete amplification – Lyric hearing aids help people with hearing loss live life normally. You don’t have to be extra careful with your hearing aids lying around the house, worrying that your pets might play with or eat them. If you wear glasses, you can remove them without worrying about snagging your hearing aids along and have it flying across the room. You can take a shower still wearing the Lyric hearing aids and you don’t need to worry about damaging the device. Lyric hearing aids give you discreet amplification and convenience like no other.

Adjustable – You can change the volume or mute the world completely – literally. If you don’t want to bother yourself with the hustle and bustle around you, you can also put Lyric hearing aids in sleep mode. In this mode, you will hear sound at your pre-hearing aid level.

Why wearers love Lyric hearing aids

Invisible and wearable – Since Lyric hearing aids are positioned deep in the ear canal, it’s completely invisible to the naked eyes when worn. Wearers of Lyric hearing aids can live a more carefree life without having to constantly think about the status of the hearing aids. If you need to wear a mask (which is a must these days), you don’t have to concern yourself with ear loop interference because Lyric hearing aids stay snug deep inside your ear.

Tinnitus relief – As published in Phonak Pro, Lyric hearing aids provide an opportunity to understand how constant auditory stimulation could affect patients with mild to moderate hearing loss and tinnitus. Lyric hearing aids can decrease the annoying effects of tinnitus and can also help improve sleep quality.

Clear, natural sound – Lyric hearing aids, though tiny little machines, produce high-quality sound that can compete with bigger hearing aid models. A hearing loss patient can be at ease knowing that this tiny hearing aid has enough power and technology to go head to head with other professional hearing aids in the market.

Lyric hearing aids cleverly maximize the anatomy of the human ear to localize sound and provide a fully rich, natural listening experience.

Why Lyric hearing aids?

To say that there are a lot of modern hearing aids in the market is an understatement. What makes Lyric hearing aids a cut above the rest?

First of all, it is invisible to the naked eye. When a patient needs a highly discreet hearing aid, Lyric hearing aids are at the top of our recommendation list.

When you wear Lyric hearing aids, you won’t have to worry about it being seen by any other person. Once your hearing care professional fits the Lyric hearing aids in your ears, you can wear it comfortably and continuously for months at a time.

If you are in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and would like to talk to a hearing healthcare professional about Lyric hearing aids, come visit us at HearCare Audiology. We can walk you through the basics of Lyric hearing aids and address your queries and concerns accordingly.

Deep-seated, without anesthesia

Another point that makes Lyric hearing aids unique and greatly appealing to our clients is because it is placed deep in the ear without needing surgery or anesthesia. 

Lyric hearing aids are dubbed as extended-wear, deep fit hearing aids (EWHA). It is a super tiny device that can be placed deep in the ear canal without any surgery and anesthesia because it is made of very soft material that can easily adapt to the shape of the ear canal.

Aside from being soft and adaptive, Lyric hearing aids are also made to be tough, withstanding the not so favorable conditions in the ear canal for a long period of time.  Take note though, that since Lyric hearing aids are not like other traditional hearing aids, it is quite tricky to put them on.

You cannot DIY the positioning of Lyric hearing aids. A trained, certified professional is needed to place Lyric hearing aids into your ears.

Lyric hearing aids: 30-day risk-free trial

A hearing aid can be considered as an investment. Hence, it would be nice to have a trial period for this product, right? Fortunately, Phonak allows prospect users to experience a trial period. 

Patients can try Lyric hearing aids for free and experience it in real life conversations and scenarios at home, in the office, while commuting, etc.

Lyric hearing aids subscription

Another information that we’d like to share with you about Lyric hearing aids is that this is not a product that you purchase. You pay for a Lyric subscription.

The subscription will cover one year of Lyric hearing – replacement and servicing included. There are no repairs, no batteries to be replaced. Whenever you need a new Lyric hearing aid, just go to your provider and you will be given a new one. 

Lyric Hearing Aids, Fort Wayne Indiana

All set to take a step towards getting your very own Lyric hearing aids? Whether this is your first time to use a hearing aid or simply making a switch, we can assure you that Lyric hearing aids are truly worth it.

HearCare Audiology Indiana is an authorized provider of Lyric hearing aids. Give us a call or a visit and our audiologists will be happy to chat with you and give you more information about Lyric hearing aids.

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