One in eight people have a hearing loss, which means most of us know someone who would benefit from hearing technology.

Tamara was first introduced to audiology and hearing loss as her own children struggled to hear. Her daughter Kayleah was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with hearing loss, and Tamara quickly learned the power of hearing aids. As hearing aids changed Kayleah’s life, the whole family benefited as well.

Mother and daughter volunteered together at the local hearing non-profit and eventually Tamara joined the team at HearCare Audiology. Her passion projects include hearing loss awareness, education, and community outreach, but extra-mile patient care will always have her heart.

Tamara experienced the impact of improved hearing not only with her daughter, but also with her own mother. Tamara’s voice had become painful to her mother’s ears, making quality time and communication nearly impossible. HearCare audiologist Ken Stewart addressed the matter during an appointment, used real ear measurement to properly adjust programming in the hearing aids, and the problem was corrected immediately. Their relationship was restored, and Tamara became a fierce advocate for best practices in audiology.

Because physical and emotional health are intertwined with continued auditory stimulation, ask your doctor for an audiology referral to have your hearing checked.