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Audiologist and Hearing Aids for Indiana

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Ken Stewart, MA-FAA

HearCare Audiology in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers exceptional hearing healthcare with premium hearing devices. Our team of audiology professionals are experts with the latest hearing technology so you can always be ready to have the best conversation of your life!

We work with all major hearing aid manufacturers , so we can provide our patients with the most advanced and highest quality hearing aids available today. 

HearCare Audiology also offers vital hearing services including comprehensive hearing assessments, personalized treatment, and counseling to find the optimal fit for your unique audiology profile.  

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Ken and all of the staff were wonderful! They made sure I knew everything I needed to know about my new hearing aids and answered any questions I had. It’s great to be able to go out or be around crowds and now hear conversations I previously missed out on. I highly recommend HearCare! 

Jeremy Luther

HearCare Audiology has been in the hearing healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Founded by audiologists Ken and Nora Stewart, HearCare Audiology has continually provided the local community with exceptional, world-class hearing healthcare like no other.

Comprehensive care for hearing loss

Your HearCare Audiology team of professionals provides world-class hearing care for patients of all ages.  Our audiologist focuses on your specific hearing needs and concerns. From onsite evaluations, hearing aid fitting, hearing aid selection, and providing hearing protection, HearCare Audiology gives everyone a chance to experience better hearing.


An accurate and comprehensive hearing evaluation is the solid foundation of great hearing health. Without the proper hearing examination to create a personal audiology profile, even the most expensive hearing aids will still fail to be effective. 

At HearCare Audiology our audiology professionals specialize in testing and diagnostic hearing tests.  We evaluate your hearing needs, listening to you, so you can always have your best possible hearing.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aid fitting is another solid step in one’s hearing health journey. Your audiologist will establish the optimum settings of the hearing aids, combining your audiogram results with real ear measurement and computer adjustments, 

Your audiologist will explain to  you and your family how the right technology can work for you, and you can experience the difference in your every day life, monitor the performance of the device, make adjustments if necessary.

Follow-Up Care

At HearCare Audiology great patient care and service does not end with the initial testing and fitting.  We are here for you.  Follow-up visits to our clinic are welcome. We want you to continue to hear at your very best.

We will schedule regular check-ups to discuss any changes in your hearing or concerns about your hearing device,   

Continued care is essential.  We will monitor your hearing aid performance to ensure optimum hearing for you.

Hearing Health services

In addition to hearing evaluations, hearing aid fitting, and follow-up care, you can trust HearCare Audiology with all of your important hearing health needs.  Below are some of the vital hearing services we provide:

HearCare Audiology
Premium Hearing Care in convenient indiana Locations

HearCare Indiana has multiple offices including Fort Wayne, Kendallville, Decatur, and Huntington, ensuring local residents in northeast Indiana area have access to premium hearing health care.

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