Welcome To HearCare AudiologY

It's a great day at HearCare!

HearCare Audiology is an audiology and hearing aid clinic with expert audiologists that provides comprehensive hearing care services and hearing tests in Fort Wayne, IN.

HearCare’s story began in our hometown of Toledo, Ohio. My wife, Nora, and I held good jobs as beginning audiologists.

One day, I saw a boy who had “fallen through the cracks.” He had both considerable hearing loss and financial need, yet his family didn’t qualify for Medicaid assistance. As an employee with limited influence, our clinic became another rejection. I left work disappointed—even angry.

We immediately looked into operating our own hearing clinic where we could “call the shots” with a specific mission in mind: to treat people as we would want to be treated, to offer best practice service to everyone, and to always possess the authority to do the right thing.

Fort Wayne has been our home for over 20 years. Since starting HearCare, we founded two non-profits: GiveHear, an income-based hearing clinic serving Fort Wayne, and Hearing the Call, which provides hearing services to children and adults in financial need nationally and internationally.

Welcome to our private practice. We promise to treat you as we would like to be treated, offering world-class hearing assessments, counseling, and treatment. I look forward to our journey together.

Meet The Team

Ken Stewart

Owner, Audiologist

Patrick Paris

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jodi Weber

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jordan Maley

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Mary Easterday

Patient Care Coordinator

Shelby McClure

Patient Care Coordinator

Tamara Saylor

Marketing Coordinator

Our Values


We believe that all people are valuable, and that everyone deserves our kindness and respect.


We believe in helping our patients maximize their hearing potential so they can give back and maximize their personal potential.


We believe in the products we carry, and the integrity of the manufacturers whom we choose to be providers

Service & Expertise

Because we use only high quality products, we provide an even higher level of service & expertise for our patients.

Competence & Compassion

We believe that competence and compassion are the essential means of sustaining our values in a competitive marketplace.

Cultivating Relationships

Our work is stimulated by relationships: between coworkers, our patients, physicians, suppliers, owners & the community, & it's the cultivation of these relationships which sustains us.

Strong Foundation

Different people bring different perspectives to our team, creating a strong team founded by a variety of gifts. We can be financially successful while behaving in a socially responsible & environmentally sensitive manner.


We believe in the principles of “The Go-Giver” which means we focus on giving rather than getting by putting others’ interests first and in continually adding value to their lives, which ultimately leads to unexpected returns.