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Listening to the world around you is like a fingerprint. With this concept in mind, ReSound designs their hearing aids that fit unique lifestyles and hearing needs. The ReSound app and wireless accessories offer a better way of life by giving the power to listen to situations in unique and convenient ways while enjoying incredible sound quality.

ReSound hearing aids are designed to accommodate any of your unique needs, so whether you’re looking for a discreet device or one that will provide you with the highest level of sound quality in noisy environments, there is a ReSound hearing aid perfect for your individualized needs.

ReSound Hearing Aids: ReSound One

ReSound One with HA200 and M&RIE is a complete hearing solution for people who want to hear what they have been missing. With an extra microphone in the ear canal called M&RIE, 

ReSound One delivers uncompromising sound quality by amplifying all the details that you need to hear discreetly. All Access Directionality allows you to choose if your hearing aids should amplify sounds from one side or both sides simultaneously so that no matter what direction it’s coming from, you’ll always be alerted on time. 

ReSound One is the world’s first, clinically proven and designed to work in harmony with each individual user’s physiology. This makes it unique because there are no compromises that need to be made.

ReSound Hearing Aids: ReSound LiNX Quattro

Each feature of the ReSound LiNX Quattro makes it one of the best hearing aids on the market. No matter what auditory needs you have, there’s a model for you. You can customize your device to suit high-frequency losses, low-frequency losses, and a wide range in between. The models are rechargeable by USB or AC adapter so that never again will you sacrifice comfort or quality for lack of power.

The ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aid is a discreet yet powerful product that provides up to 8 hours of battery life, an improvement of more than 50% over previous models. The LiNX features Wireless TV Link and Music Link apps for live streaming radio and music to your device so it doesn’t go out of sync with the speakers on stage or in the orchestra pit. It also has an easy-to-use Bluetooth streamer for wirelessly sharing music between you and another device like your smartphone or tablet.

ReSound Hearing Aids: ReSound Enzo Q

The ReSound Enzo Q is the best-performing hearing aid for patients who need a device as powerful and adaptable as they are. The Enzo Q has more options for direct streaming, with Bluetooth connectivity plus remote and instant support available on its touchscreen display. 

ReSound Enzo Q is the latest hearing aid from the brand’s high-end line of products and will help you enjoy clear, comfortable and rich sound for all purposes. Most importantly, it doesn’t compromise your preference–you can stream directly to any Bluetooth device, whatever that be -TV or mobile phone- while also working out in the same frequency range as a person without hearing loss. You will hear more volumes with less noise in every frequency range than before.

The RESOUND ENZO Q is the latest ReSound hearing aid and works to provide solutions for people with severe to profound hearing loss. These hearing aids are specifically made to bring together technology, connectivity, personalization and support. The goal of these hearing aids is not only amplifying sounds but also creates a customized soundscape for each user.

Resound Hearing Aids: ReSound Key

ReSound Key is a hearing aid designed with simplicity in mind. And now ReSound lets you personalize your sound experience even more by selecting the sound preferences that you enjoy best. With its Streamer technology, digital updates and Bluetooth compatibility, ReSound will keep working long into the next decade to make sure your conversations and entertainment never go unheard.

Resound hearing aids stem from the inspiration of how humans naturally hear and interact naturally with the world. They have been designed to offer you an optimal listening experience – one that`s tailored uniquely for your needs and preferences.

The ReSound Key offers a rechargeable, wireless solution to live life without limitations or wires. With up to 30 hours of steady wear per charge, integrated streaming, and personalization options all as part of our 100% app driven experience- there`s never been more freedom for those who suffer from partial deafness or profound hearing loss.

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