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If you want to stay on top of the latest in hearing aids and devices, an audiologist can help. This person will also be able to make adjustments so that your hearing aid is a perfect fit for you and enhances your ability to communicate with others.

In this article, we will be talking about Unitron hearing aids and why they are considered to be one of the most highly-regarded hearing aids in the industry. 

Unitron is an EU-based company that manufactures some of the highest quality hearing aids on the market today. They have several different lines of devices for all different types of users, from those who suffer from mild to severe deafness. One major distinguishing factor between Unitron and other manufacturers is their cutting-edge technology which can modify sound according to its location in a room or space.

Unitron is one the most recognized brands of hearing aids in more than 70 countries. Unitron hearing aids are known for their quality and performance, as they are a top-of-the-line company that provides customers with a variety of different styles and types.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Features and Technology

Unitron was established in 1936 and has been providing quality hearing aids to people around the world ever since. In fact, Unitron is the oldest brand of hearing aid on the market today! You can be confident with your purchase because Unitron is a company that you can trust – not only does it have an excellent reputation, but they also hold patents for some of their most cutting-edge products.

Unitron hearing aids are the best option for users with all types and degrees of hearing loss to help them hear better. Our audiologists at HearCare Audiology Indiana can program these devices based on your unique hearing test results.

The Unitron hearing aids are designed for high-end features like noise application software, wireless connectivity, and battery usage. They make devices that are made from premium materials to offer the best service possible to help with your hearing loss — what more could you ask for?

Unitron Hearing Aids: The FLEX Experience

Unitron offers prospective users a chance to try on its hearing aids before making the decision to purchase. FLEX is Unitron’s program that enables customers to test out different types of hearing aids and find one that suits their needs best. 

Unitron provides an opportunity for people who are interested in buying its products to try on or wear them before committing to purchasing them, something not offered by other brands in the industry. The “FLEX” experience allows potential buyers a place where they can test out different models of Unitrons’ hearing aids and find one that works for them.

Unitron Hearing Aids are the top-selling in the industry, and there is a model to suit everyone. Unitron is also the only manufacturer that offers all types of hearing aids – both analog and digital. 

Below you will find some of their best selling models with their key features:

Unitron Hearing Aids: Moxi

Unitron’s discreet and sleek “new kid on the block” is Moxi. With a style that offers wearable, high-end fashion and the performance of some of today’s most advanced hearing instruments-eat your heart out Tyra Beauty. The Unitron Moxi has a receiver in canal (RIC) style making it one of the world’s smallest RICs available on the market today with six styles to choose from ranging from edgy to classic chic. 

The Unitron Moxi Fit is the smallest receiver-in-canal model among all Unitron hearing aids. The barely there design and supreme comfort make it so you won’t even know you’re wearing a hearing aid.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Insera

Unitron Insera is powered by EarMatch, giving the most advanced hearing aid performance for each individual wearer. By using this unique technology in Unitron Insera, users will enjoy maximum clarity and never feel like they’re missing a thing.

Unitron Insera automatically adjusts the hearing aids to suit your unique ear shape for tailor-fit comfort. With the EarMatch technology, Unitron’s Insera gives you all the benefits of so many expensive “top-of-the line” features, at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to WaveGuide Technology, among other high quality features, sounds are crisp and clear with highly detailed awareness allowing speech understanding that is as close to new as possible.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Stride

Unitron has developed hearing aids with the freedom to go out and live, hear, and socialize without compromising on quality. The Unitron Stride behind-the-ear hearing aid provides patients an outstanding level of performance in sound processing technology for everyday conversations. 

It is designed to minimize feedback during musical performances by offering a slight palm rejection that blocks noise leakage from nearby speakers or listening devices; this device also helps maintain local directional accuracy. Made for those who want convenience but don’t want to compromise, the Unitron Insera earplug fits discreetly inside a person’s outer ear.

The Unitron Stride offers a premium, patient-centric design that takes into account the needs of the user. The unit has behind-the-ear amplification and audio input/output capabilities (AUX jack). It has an innovative control interface on its sleek charger where there is no power switch.

The Insera hearing aids also feature optimum speech understanding with their HD sound capability. This particular model includes PhoneLink compatibility for mobile phone operation and volume control with remote headphone wire management. Their popularity makes them great value for money for you to command your own auditory experience.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Max

The Unitron hearing aids are tuned perfectly to the human ear system – a product of years of experience and research. The MAX`s sleek design is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, with specialized technology and features that will give you an extremely comfortable fit guaranteed to last through your entire lifetime. 

Optimized for environmental awareness, the unit provides a reality of sound in an effort to aid your day-to-day life and make it as seamless as possible. All of these features, without the need for constant adjustment or customization.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Accessories

Hearing aids can be made even more efficient and effective by adding in the right accessories. These accessories are much more than just for aesthetics, they offer additional functions that help you get a better listening experience.

These Unitron hearing aid accessories offer a whole new world of technological fixes for your listening experience.

HearCare Audiology offers a wide selection of accessories for Unitron hearing aids such as – 

Unitron Smart Remote Control

The Unitron Smart Remote Control is the brand’s reimagination of a remote control. It takes full advantage of the Internet to provide a user-experience that makes it easy for them to make adjustments and enjoy high quality sound, all from their smartphone.

The Unitron remote uses Bluetooth 4.0 to deliver all the performance right from your mobile device with many new features on top.

Unitron uStream

Unitron’s wireless hearing aid accessories are designed with a hearing lien in mind. With the new Ustream2, now you can connect to your TV or tablet wirelessly; and there is also an option for stereo Bluetooth-enabled streaming! All of this without worrying about running on low battery power.

Unitron uDirect 3

Unitron hearing aids are tailored to the individual wearer, and they offer a variety of features to meet your needs. Unitron`s uDirect 3 allows you to keep on enjoying your favorite media content without needing connections that can get cumbersome with media players and other devices. Have fun without hassle!

Unitron uTV3

Unitron uTV3 is a revolutionary hearing device that delivers audio from your favorite television straight to your hearing aids. The unit connects wirelessly and draws power from the mobile receiver. Simply connect when you’re ready for the show, make some popcorn, kick back with family or friends- it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Unitron uControl

You can take the volume with you. Unitron’s remote control, uControl, lets you adjust the volume on any of your devices from any place in your house or beyond in just seconds with a webcam and Bluetooth connection. 

Unitron Hearing Aids – Styles

There are three hearing aid styles available from Unitron: behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and receiver-in-canal. They come with different features depending on how they’re made – some have a microphone for louder environments while others have directional microphones that allow you to hear from the front or back of your head.

Unitron hearing aids can be either behind the ear (BTE), in the ear canal (ITE) or receiver in canal (RIC). All three styles offer various features and functions depending on their particular construction. Some units have a microphone designed for louder environments while other models feature directional microphones that let you receive sound from any direction without turning your head.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Behind-the-ear 

BTE Unitron hearing aids are known for their curved piece that is designed to be hooked in the ear. It’s no wonder they’re so popular with people who have large ears! This big design also makes it possible for them to carry more technology and features than smaller models which not only make these units great as a starting point but can also serve as an upgrade down the road.

Unitron Hearing Aids: In-the-Ear Style

ITE Unitron hearing aids are customizable. This is ideal for users who want discreet hearing aids and enjoy a personalized experience. When working with your hearing healthcare provider, be very detailed about the style you prefer – this way, you will be happy with the results! We can personalize ITE Unitron’s hearing aids according to your lifestyle preference.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Receiver-in-canal Style

Ric Unitron hearing aids are the most technologically advanced and offer a thin wire that goes all the way down to the ear canal so that users can hear better. The speaker of receiver-in-canal hearing aids sit in your ear canal, making them more discreet than other models.

Choosing the best Unitron hearing aids

Unitron hearing aids are a great option for new customers because they offer free trials. This gives you the chance to see if it’s what you’re looking for, without any commitment. You get a full refund just 30 days after purchase should you decide it’s not right for your needs.

Enjoy the FLEX experience with Unitron hearing aids

The Unitron FLEX experience is a great way to take the stress out of trying different hearing aids. Potential users have the opportunity to try on and use their favorite hearing aid in three very real-world environments, making it easy for them to decide whether they want that particular model or not.

Unitron Hearing Aids Design

One of the most quintessentially human things is communication. Unitron hearing aids make this possible with their focus on functionality to give a fully optimized listening experience that makes an impact. It’s not just all about amplification – Unitron hearing aids are designed to improve communication and understanding, rising above different AND difficult listening scenarios.

For those with hearing impairments, the design and function of Unitron hearing aids offer a fully optimized listening experience. From improved communication to better understanding, Unitron has your back no matter what you’re up against.

Unitron Hearing Aids – Technology and Comfort

Unitron hearing aids are the perfect choice for those looking for high-quality, affordable hearing devices! You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are premium, world-class and durable.

Unitron Hearing Aids – HearCare Audiology, Fort Wayne Indiana

HearCare Audiology is an authorized provider of Unitron hearing aids in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We can help you choose the best Unitron hearing aids for you. 

Trust your hearing health to the experts – call us today to set an appointment at HearCare Audiology, Fort Wayne Indiana.

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