Mary Easterday


Mary first entered the world of audiology when she moved to Fort Wayne in 2006, but she was familiar with hearing loss due to premature birth and childhood illness. While training for her first job in audiology she had her hearing tested, began using a hearing aid, immediately noticing the difference. It was then that helping others realize their own potential for better hearing became her passion.

At HearCare, Mary facilitates meaningful connections for patients through scheduling appointments, communicating with insurance companies, reaching out through social media, and even troubleshooting hearing aids.  As a hearing aid user herself, Mary excels at helping patients because she draws from personal experience with hearing loss and hearing aids to come alongside others.

Outside of the office, Mary’s creativity shines:  from sewing to cooking, gardening to painting and music.  She’s known by friends and family for her warm hospitality and exquisite and thoughtful handmade gifts.

Mary says, “HearCare has become a part of me because we treat people the way I always hope to be treated. We come alongside our patients with a plan so they can achieve their potential, first with hearing and then through that by reconnecting with what matters most to them.”