Ken Stewart

Audiologist & Owner

Ken Stewart, Au.D. is an audiologist and owner of HearCare Audiology providing hearing aids, hearing tests, and other audiology services in Fort Wayne, IN.

Ken Stewart was introduced to audiology by his wife, Nora, when they were in college. He later received his Masters in Audiology from the University of Cincinnati and continued on with Nora as both owners and audiologists of HearCare Audiology.

As an audiologist, Ken focuses on giving patients impeccable and personal care for their hearing health.  This starts with a comprehensive hearing test and understanding the individual needs of his patients.  

Ken utilizes the most current technology and adheres to best practices to make sure HearCare patients have great audiological care. He loves for people to experience the difference improved hearing makes in their life, for example when someone hears the turn signal on their car or birds singing for the first time in years or is able to enjoy and understand their spouse, children, and grandchildren.

In Ken’s downtime, he is usually golfing or grilling, but most of all he loves spending time with family—especially his granddaughter. He also enjoys traveling with Nora, frequently volunteering on Hearing the Call humanitarian trips. 

Ken and Nora were inspired to start HearCare so they could treat people as we would want to be treated. 

“We want to offer best-practice service to everyone. We wanted to ensure we would have the authority to do the right thing.”