Shelby Sims MCCLURE


When Shelby started working at HearCare in June 2019 as the newest Patient Care Coordinator, she knew very little about hearing loss.  Since then her knowledge and understanding of audiology have grown, and she has seen lives transformed.  

At the front desk, Shelby assists patients with scheduling and any questions they may have, but her main focus is taking care of people by making sure everything is ready for each patient’s appointment.  Her bright smile is always a warm welcome when patients walk through our doors.

Shelby is a proud plant mom, and you’ll even find an air plant at her workstation! She enjoys being a part of bringing hearing health to others both at HearCare Audiology as well as Hearing the Call, a nonprofit providing professional audiology services to those who would otherwise never receive the hearing care they need. Shelby had the amazing opportunity to do this in Tembisa, South Africa in February 2020.