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Do you have trouble hearing? Widex is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hearing aids. The company has been around for 60 years and its products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Widex is known for its advanced technology and the quality of their products, which makes them one of the most popular brands on the market today.

If you’re looking to buy new hearing aids, read on to see why so many people choose Widex as their preferred brand when they need new hearing aids.

Why Widex hearing aids?

Widex hearing aids are spectacular – but there’s more to them than just sleek design. With this company, you get the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Widex Hearing Aids: Widex Moment

Widex’s Moment is a revolutionary hearing aid that not only brings back the life once diminished by hearing loss, but also bestows every moment with clarity. This cutting-edge technological wonder – one of the most awarded products in recent years – ensures faithfully amplified sound so that you can enjoy true peace of mind without auditory strain. Wherever you live and wherever your career leads you, this flexibly designed wireless device will stay securely in your ear to empower your independence and give you greater quality of life while maintaining contact with people close to you.

The Widex Moment is revolutionary in thought and design. Every inch of its existence is designed to deliver a pure natural sound, without artificial amplification. This hearing aid had many features that go into creating the perfect sound for those listening (e.g., directional filters). With zero pressure or potential side-effects from distortion, it’s more than just another piece of technology – it truly provides a new way to hear.

The Moment automatically adjusts as your environment changes: you`ll no longer need to spend precious time adjusting one setting at a time on each device when noise differs from place to place.

These Widex Moment Hearing Aids are the game changer for hearing aid technology. The Widex Moment is not only powered by the world-class engineers at Widex, but also has an outdoor-readable bright color display screen to let you interact with your environment without missing a thing and sport comfy material that provides increased durability of these streamlined hearing aids.

Widex has taken hearing aids to the next level of innovation.  They have introduced a device that is rechargeable with no battery door. This discreet charge is slim and simple, so it can go anywhere from on your nightstand at home to on-the-go traveling. The Widex Moment system also allows users to stream live tv, music or podcasts without worrying about distortion because they’ll hear everything whether in a quiet room or outside playing sports.

Widex Hearing Aids: Widex Evoke

The Widex Evoke is at the forefront of quality technology that has become synonymous with the company. The Widex hearing aids are prescription devices that can be set to your specific preferences and hearing needs – whether you’re all about accuracy or want to pick up on finely tuned effects in sound like windchimes, we have a model for you.

The Widex Evoke Z has adaptive speech technology for helping you hear in any listening environment, including noisy places. It adjusts itself automatically to adjust to sounds that are difficult to understand without the need to manually find a better sound spot. This is all done through simple voice commands or with a quick look at your phone and adjusting the settings with its built-in Smartphone App. 

The Widex Evoke line of hearing aids also help filter out background noise just by pressing one button on either hearing aid – making it easier for people struggling from challenging hearing environments like restaurant or train station platforms.

Thanks to digital sound processing, Widex Evoke hearing aids are smart enough to sound great no matter what kind of music you’re listening to. Plus they’ll adjust as your environment changes: from a quiet meeting space with one person speaking, for example, to a noisy nightclub when the beat starts pumping. And thanks to its intuitive microprocessor Widex Evoke can distinguish between different types of sounds and automatically select the right frequency responses accordingly. Its adaptive directional microphone captures nearby conversations in crowded rooms while reducing background noise so that you remain able to hear incoming speech commands even in theaters or restaurants.

Widex Hearing Aids: Widex Beyond

The Widex Beyond is engineered for extreme connectivity and on the go usage. Listen to any kind of music, podcasts, phone calls or other sounds that you love in crystal-clear sound with the built-in remote. The rechargeable battery lasts up to eight hours before needing a new charge so you can enjoy your favorite programs without worrying about changing batteries all the time. So good at personalizing your listening experience.

This Wi-Fi enabled product looks and functions like a mini computer, for unprecedented surfing comfort. Enjoy your favorite music stream in any place without worrying about changing batteries.

Waste no time for fiddling with the settings of your hearing aids with Widex Beyond. Easily customize them to best suit you within seconds, simply by adding your location and what setting you prefer. 

If you’re in Fort Wayne, Indiana and would like to check out Widex hearing aids, our hearing healthcare professionals at HearCare Audiology will be glad to walk you through different designs and technology levels.

Widex Hearing Aids: Widex Unique

Widex’s Unique hearing aid is an open, air conduction model. Powered with Widex True Input Technology, it reduces noise effectively and allows you to enjoy a natural listening experience without sacrificing sound quality.

The Widex Unique hearing aide has features that are perfect for people who get annoyed or distracted by environmental noises such as car horns or kitchen distractions like hair dryers; which means it performs well in challenging situations like crowded places. Diverse environments can be managed easily with the unique wideband directional microphone technology combined with the smart wind manager that “learns” and eliminates noise caused by wind.

Widex Unique is powered with True Input Technology that encapsulates every element of soundscape so you can enjoy a truly rich and natural listening experience. Its 100% new world-wide latest digital amplification has the most advanced circuits designed for enhanced hearing and flexible use. It also features HD Speech, Noise Cancel Microphone & Widex’s SmartWind Manager which effectively reduces wind noise.

Whether you`re in the office, at a restaurant or driving home, Widex Unique hearing aids will make your experience as seamless and comfortable for you as possible. Sound class Widex technology automatically adjusts to adapt to any kind of noise environment. However, if it becomes too noisy for conversations with family and friends -and not just background noises- switch on the Sound Class Talk Mode. With a claimed up to 30 hours of talk time from one charge, there’s no need to worry about cords.

Widex Hearing Aids: Accessories

With Widex hearing aids, it’s never been easier to keep up with the world around you. The great thing about Widex accessories is that they manage technology so seamlessly for you. These advancements in communication lead a more comfortable life through modernized hearing solutions for people who have trouble hearing—no matter the age or population. With Widex, there are no pesky connections or disconnections between devices and multiple headphones or headsets seem like a thing of the past when paired with Widex hearing aids.

Widex Com-Dex

The Widex Com-Dex streaming feature makes it possible for users to stream high quality sound from virtually any Bluetooth device quickly straight to their hearing aids. The app is free while the connecting piece that enables this is not, but worth every penny. It also allows you to control your microphone and hearing aid discreetly through the free dedicated app which means you can adjust it without ever taking them out of your ears – a lifesaver! And with up to 8 hours of battery time Con-Dex has your back no matter where you are or what in’s going on around you.

Widex Uni-Dex

The Widex Uni-Dex is a neck-worn accessory that includes an inbuilt receiver and mini jack. This plug & play accessorie enables the wearer to stream audio from any mobile device with headphones or speakers using music apps like Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud etc. Wearing the microphone on your neck helps reduce ambient noise by up to 50%, so you can hear more clearly when calls come through even when there’s a lot going on around you. Just attach it via Bluetooth and don’t worry about where your phone or headsets are as it syncs wirelessly for maximum convenience.

Widex Hearing Aids: Call-Dex

Built on groundbreaking technology that allows you to control your hearing aids wirelessly, the Call-Dex offers an interface which is intuitive and easy to use. Offering extended battery life for a day’s worth of usage, the device is perfect when you need undisruptive freedom of movement. Weighing less than 150 grams and about the size of a deck of cards, this sleek accessory will slip discreetly into your pocket or handbag.

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