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Advanced Hearing Aid Center

We are a team of audiology professionals based in Kendallville, IN. The team at HearCare Audiology are fully trained and well-qualified to deliver top-notch hearing loss treatment to residents of the Kendallville region. Our audiologists have decades of combined experience in hearing aids, tinnitus therapy, ear wax removal, and more.

HearCare Audiology uses the latest technology to remain at the cutting edge of hearing loss technology, always expanding our knowledge and equipment to bring world-class hearing loss treatment to our patients. There are many factors that go into hearing loss, from the aging process to noisy environments and excessive earwax. The more we know about hearing loss, the better we are able to prevent it.


All of our services at our specialist audiology facility in Kendallville, IN are carried out by  professionals who are fully trained and qualified to the highest standard.

Hearing Aids

Since the invention of modern hearing aids, people with hearing problems don’t have to face the same challenges they once did. Hearing aid technology can restore a lot of your hearing range, making it easier for you to hear others clearly and experience every moment with fullness and clarity.

As professional audiologists in Kendallville IN, we can evaluate your hearing range, design the perfect hearing aids for you, and then fit them in a comfortable position. We can help you to create bespoke hearing aids that are discreet, effective, and comfortable. 95% of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids – it’s by far the safest and most effective way to treat hearing loss in US adults

Hearing Test

Do you notice yourself mishearing people? Perhaps you get an occasional ringing in your ears? It’s possible that you might need a hearing test. Our hearing tests are performed in special soundproof rooms, using a series of high-pitched frequencies to test the extent of your hearing range and see whether it’s normal for a person of your particular age.

Hearing loss is natural as you age, but if you think that your loss of hearing is having a negative impact on your daily life, it might be worth getting a professional hearing test with [EXACT NAME OF GMB]. We can assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action to maximize your hearing ability and quality of life as it relates to your hearing.

Advanced Tinnitus Therapy

Over 15% of US citizens struggle with a form of tinnitus – either mild or chronic ringing in the ears. You might need to sleep with a fan on at night, you might notice constant ringing in your areas, or you might just notice the ringing coming and going occasionally. Tinnitus is a frustrating condition worsened by stress, ear wax, and environmental factors, but our advanced tinnitus therapy can help to get you back on the right track.

We can prescribe many forms of therapy for tinnitus, whether it’s middle ear steroids or stress reduction techniques. Our audiologists create therapy and recovery plans tailored to your condition and lifestyle, helping you to live a normal life free from the stress and distraction of constant ringing in your ears.

Ear Wax Removal

Common complications of excessive ear wax include dizziness, itching, pain, hearing problems, and ringing in the ears. Using earphones and Q-tips incorrectly can also lead to a build-up of too much ear wax, causing lots of problems for your hearing ability. Luckily, [EXACT NAME OF GMB] offers professional ear wax removal services.

Manually scraping or irrigating your own ears is dangerous – you’re better off working with a professional audiologist at our hearing center in Kendallville, IN. We’ll make sure to get the excess wax out of your ears safely and easily, ensuring comfort and better hearing for you going forward.

Modern Hearing Loss Diagnosis and Treatment Center

Our audiologists use advanced tools and techniques to diagnose your hearing loss and tailor-make solutions that restore and treat as much of your hearing as possible. The team at [EXACT NAME OF GMB] is continually trained in cutting-edge hearing loss treatment, guaranteeing a stellar service at a very affordable price.

Top Rated Audiologist in Kendallville, IN

We are one of the best audiology centers in Kendallville, IN, priding ourselves on our stellar customer service. [EXACT NAME OF GMB] has a strong reputation in the local community, growing largely due to word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied Kendallville residents. Why not give us a try and see how we could improve your hearing today?

Make an Appointment Today

If you’ve got hearing loss and you’re looking for a state-of-the-art solution, get in touch with [EXACT NAME OF GMB] and make an appointment today! Our friendly team will get you booked in for a convenient time, pairing you with a professional audiology specialist who can get your hearing up to scratch in no time.Hear

Are You Ready To Hear Better?

Hearing better starts with a diagnostic hearing test to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your hearing and a conversation with a hearing health care professional to determine what measures you can take to improve your hearing.

Audiologist Kendallville IN – Modern Hearing Aids and Ear Wax Removal Topics
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