WeCare Community Card Program

While we at HearCare Audiology continue to connect with our patients during these unusual times, we are finding an increasing number of people confined to nursing facilities and assisted living residences.  Just as you might expect, it is difficult for loved ones to stay in touch.  The residents are isolated. In an effort to keep everyone safe, some of our friends and family are not even able to leave their rooms.  We want them to know that they are not forgotten.  We are thinking about them and we care!  And we’d like YOU to help us show them how important they are to us all.

We’ve created for you and your family to print off and draw on, or feel free to use your own paper and draw your own design. Let’s show the residents what is going on in our worldas we are also isolated.  Even though we are apart, we are all in this together.  Make sure to put your first name and well wishes on it and choose one of the following ways to send it to us: 


USPS – Mail all of your creations to: 

“We Care” Cards 
Hearcare Audiology 
5933 E. State Blvd. 
Fort Wayne, IN  46835 


Email – Scan your creation and email it to:  smile@hearcare-indiana.com 


Drop it off:   (Only if you are already out, we don’t want anyone going out just to deliver your art! Staying home is the most important thing!!) We have a slot in the front door at our office that you can slip it through. 

Hearcare Audiology 
5933 E. State Blvd. 
Fort Wayne, IN   46815 


All of these creations will be delivered to senior facilities in Fort Wayne and surrounding towns Keep your eyes on HearCare Audiology’s Facebook page for progress on our campaign! We’ll keep you updated on how many pieces of art we are receiving. And, most importantly, no matter how you receive this request, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! The more the merrier