Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids – Battery Life

every one we’ve been talking about Phonak hearing technology, specifically their latest model, the Phonak Marvel, there’s a couple things that I love about the new Phonak Marvel so I think I owe it to you to tell you the goods and the bads, there’s a whole bunch of good stuff but if I had to say there’s two negatives of Phonak Marvel, the first thing would be the rechargeability and the life of that now returnable hearing aids were a big fan they’ve been proven to be reliable and they weren’t great and so convenient so you don’t have to change batteries. My only issue with Phonak Marvel is, is that if you’re a really active person and you do a lot of streaming just hours and hours throughout the day of either streaming music or streaming phone calls, through the hearing devices, you’re going to get about 16, hours of battery life. That’s if you’re averaging about a four hours a day of streaming and so if you’re really active and you have a long long day it’s kind of pushing the battery life for someone that has long days with lots of phone and streaming uses so if that’s the case, there are other other products that may have longer battery life for you. The second thing that I don’t love about the marbles. Is it relates to the chargeability, and get we talked about how how fortec marbles are returnable, which again is great, but the way the hearing aids sit down or the charger, some manufacturers have like a magnetic induction so I’m hearing you just sit down, very easily. This one there’s a little bit of a trick to it you have to kind of hole a little bit of angle A little bit hard. So for those of us with weakened hands or dexterity issues, it could present an issue of being able to put the hearing aids in an aperture case with Kodak Marvel so again when people were really difficult dexterity or numbness or weakened fingers. It could be a challenge and again that may just make us think that there’s maybe better products in our portfolio to recommend for you.

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