Hearing Aids: Range of Cost

audiology and four way I want to talk about what hearing aids should cost, and a lot of you who’ve done some homework on hearing aids, probably have seen just numbers all over the board and how really do you know what’s fair pricing for hearing aids how’s it work. So on a previous video I talked about the fact that there are six major brands in the world of hearing devices. And each of these six brands, makes really for treatment levels or foreign technology levels and hearing aids. And again review from a premium level to an advanced to a mid level to an entry level so basically from an entry level product, up to a premium level product.


The pricing ranges from about 3000 for a pair of hearing aids and an entry level version, up to about $6,000 for the set of hearing aids. So, if you go to a reputable theology.


Not $6,000 range.


Typically that’s based on the acquisition cost by the fighter.


Find the world and during these costs thousands of dollars. One of the reasons is, is that we use a mental model. So, obviously we have a cost of goods we have to go out and buy the devices for ourselves. They typically can cost us thousands as well. So we have an acquisition cost and then we need to mark it off with enough profit margin to pay for offices and staff computers and lawyers and accountants so obviously we have to make enough margin that within us, to be able to take care of you for years to come. And that’s really how we earn our key is any set of hearing really matter which lily pad


is one of the most popular hearing devices. I scented hearing aids should last you somewhere between six and seven years. If you’re wearing them every day almost all the time. Somewhere between even six to eight years would be an expected duration of those hearing devices, you have to properly maintain them the key issue, you’re going to need professional to keep those hearing devices working and again, that’s how we earn our keep over time.


When you look at hearing aid costs. If you look at just the cost to wear them the cost of owning them cost me a month to wear them. If you premium level hearing device, if you look over the expected time you’re going to own them. Why, teach much for the most expensive pair we have typically someone with high level hearing aids would have an $89,000 a month. Keep in mind that covers all of your work, your office visits, all of your supplies, insurance in case you’re to lose them or destroy them. We bundle and so all of that stuff is bundled in. And based on that model with the four different levels of technology. You can save about $10 a month, every step down you go so if you’re the most expensive hearing devices we offer, you can expect to pay about 80 to $90 per month long term cost average. This step here would be about $70 per month long term cost average $60 per month long term picture and $40 a month. 

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