Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids – Voice Streaming

We’re talking phone at Marvel hearing devices. And one of the features that I love about this new phone technology is your own voice streaming. What that means is that the two hearing devices can communicate back and forth as a team. So why is that important phone AK has long been one of the industry leaders in what we call directional microphone technology so on this little bitty hearing aid looks big when I stood up the camera doesn’t actually fit into my ear that cosmetic and they’re behind, well, very discreet. But this little bitty hearing aid back there are actually two microphones microphone is designed to pick up everything in the room as what we call directional microphones there to pick up what’s in front of that would be helpful if you’re in a really noisy environment, you don’t want to hear everything to the back and surround you want to hear basically the voice across the table.


Well, with this binary voice streaming. What that allows both hearing aids to do is work as a team, and really figure out where the noises and where the speeches and to really being formed through microphones. Where are the speeches and try to get rid of the noise that the technology has been used for years, but the fact that now the hearing aids are able to work together as a team that can really pinpoint where the speeches where the noises and have the microphones focus on the speech, and help you be able to improve speech to noise understanding for an act there, white papers and indicate that it gives about a 60% improvement hearing noise. That’s huge. 

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