Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids – AutoSense

Hi everyone, we’re talking about phone app products and their latest model which is called Phonak Marvel. I happen to have one on my ear here, and I’ll have removed that so you can kind of see what this device looks like to have the newest features that I just love about the phone at Marvel. One is they’ve really improved and updated their audio processor they call it, their autosense and other of their autosens 3.0. The way auto set works is in hearing devices we can create different programs have different program is necessary because acoustically as your hearing aid and your ear goes from different environments acoustically that that looks much different. For example, when we look at what speech looks like acoustically versus what music, looks like acoustically. They look very different in the hearing aid has to be able to adjust itself. For those different environments so in the software we create different programs based on those settings, whether it be hearing a quiet hearing a noise, maybe a telephone, we get music. So the hearing needs to be able to adjust itself and we can do that through what we call programs. So there’s a list of programs in the software. And as you’re hearing he goes to these different environments and picks up these different inputs, auditorily, the hearing aids will automatically switch to the desire program. So for example, let’s say you’re at dinner with friends, and a group of eight or 10 people. It’s gonna be a very noisy environment typically you’re hearing you will automatically put you in a hearing and noise program designed specifically for that environment. Let’s say after dinner you and your friends are going to go to the theater or to a concert to hear music acoustically music’s going to look much different than that restaurant. Well, you have a music program put in the software. And as you move into the musical environment, the hearing aid it’s going to automatically adjust and put you in that music program, and make the hearing aid, ideally matched for musical inputs.

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