Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

The external ear canal is lubricated and protected by earwax, which is composed of glandular secretions. However, if the body is unable to clear cerumen (ear wax) from the inside canal of a person’s ear, it may become impacted and cause an obstruction which slows down the ear’s natural self-cleaning process. 

Cotton buds are commonly used to clean the ears. The majority of people use them because they are accessible, easy to use, and apparently get the job done. But do they really? Are you sure cotton buds can clean your ears properly? Or are you putting your ears (and eardrum) at risk every time you poke those slim-tipped things inside your ear canal?

If you have impacted earwax, we highly advise against removing impacted earwax on your own since doing so might drive it deeper into the canal and result in more problems for you. You might be susceptible to ear infections, hearing loss, or tinnitus. It is advisable to leave dealing with tough ear wax to the experts who have the right tools to perform ear wax removal treatments safely. In Indiana, HearCare Audiology provides professional ear cleaning and ear wax removal procedures. We have branches all over Indiana to ensure that all residents in nearby communities can avail of our world-class hearing care services.

Why is professional ear cleaning good for you?

Professional ear cleanings can help you avoid infections, enhance your hearing, and improve your overall hearing health. Additionally, audiologists may evaluate the general condition of your ears and offer any maintenance advice that can help you stay clear of potential impactions.

You don’t run the risk of inadvertently injuring or puncturing your ears when you get your ears professionally cleaned, which is one of its main advantages. The ears are quite delicate, so keep in mind that a slip-up might have disastrous effects, including hearing loss. You may put your worries at bay and take pleasure in the skilled ear-cleaning procedure. It’s similar to an ear spa in many ways!

What can one anticipate from professional ear cleaning?

In general, professional ear cleaning is quick and painless. Your ears will be cleaned throughout the operation, and an audiologist will use safe and efficient methods and equipment to break down and remove the hardened wax. Your ears should feel cleaner and clearer after the procedure. Any pressure, discomfort, or pain should go away. You could also discover that your hearing is considerably clearer than before.

How frequently should I have my ears cleaned by a professional?

It is advised to get your ears cleaned by a professional at least twice a year. It is not required to regularly clean the ears. If you are experiencing irritation, inflammation, or discomfort due to an excessive buildup of earwax, you may need to see an audiologist more frequently than usual until the problem clears out.

Your ears are composed of fragile parts. Make sure to keep your hearing healthy and intact by ditching the DIY cleaning and getting your ears cleaned professionally instead.

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