How can you improve your hearing?

Whether you have hearing loss or not, maintaining healthy ears can improve sound quality and other elements of listening, such as speech segmentation. Regardless of age, maintaining good hearing health requires effort. But not many individuals are aware of the precise maintenance procedures. The following are some suggestions for improving hearing:

Practice listening at healthy volume levels

Keeping the noise level as low as you can is a simple strategy to enhance your hearing comfort and health. If you are in a room or environment that has sounds at 85 dB or louder, you should, whenever possible, stay away from the loud noise. If leaving is not an option, make sure you constantly wear hearing protection to prevent any major damage to your hearing.

Use hearing protection

Some noises can harm our hearing, causing tinnitus (ear ringing), hearing loss, and communication difficulties, particularly in noisy environments. Permanent hearing loss brought on by noise is irreversible. Hearing protection is your only alternative if you are unable to reduce your noise exposure by lowering the volume, relocating away from the sound, or reducing the amount of time you are exposed.

When choosing a hearing protector, you should make sure that it will lower your exposure to a safe level.   The majority of industrial noise exposures are below 95 dBA, meaning that most workers only need a 10 dB noise reduction to be within the NIOSH Recommended Exposure Limit (85 dB). When worn properly, almost any hearing protection can reduce sound by 10 dB.

Keep earwax at bay

A buildup of ear wax may have an impact on your ability to hear. Your ears might not be as sensitive to noises as usual if ear wax is blocking them. But don’t worry; ear wax buildup is both typical and fairly manageable. The effects of hearing loss can be lowered or even completely eliminated with professional ear wax removal.

Maintain clean and dry ears

Wax accumulation and ear infections brought on by excessive moisture can both harm hearing. After taking a shower or a fast dip in the pool, be sure to gently wipe your ears dry with a dry cloth or towel to avoid further water entering the ear canal.

You face the danger of getting swimmer’s ear, surfer’s ear, or another sort of infection if you don’t make it a habit to keep your ears dry after being around water.

Get regular hearing tests

Most cases of hearing loss require testing to determine the full scope of the issue and the best course of action. Routine hearing tests can increase your chances of preserving good hearing by identifying early indicators of hearing loss. A baseline of your hearing ability in relation to your age is provided by routine hearing tests, which assist audiologists in identifying any significant changes in your hearing.

Avoid waiting until hearing loss causes more serious, irreversible problems. As quickly as possible, treat it. Make an appointment with an audiologist to begin treatment. At HearCare Audiology, we have the training and tools required to conduct an accurate and thorough audiological evaluation, then recommend the solution and treatment plan that best meets your individual needs.

Audiologists and Hearing Aids in Fort Wayne, IN

Hearing aids are sometimes the only option for some people to control their hearing loss. Thankfully, the era of enormous trumpets and obvious devices is over. You can select from a range of models and styles depending on the type of hearing aid that your audiologist recommends, so you can hear well and look great at the same time!

If you have any worries about your hearing health and want to get professional advice on how to manage it, HearCare Audiology can help. We offer professional audiology services in Fort Wayne, IN, and nearby communities.

Are You Ready To Hear Better?

Hearing better starts with a diagnostic hearing test to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your hearing and a conversation with a hearing health care professional to determine what measures you can take to improve your hearing.

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