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Hi everyone, Ken Stewart here at hair care audiology. We’re talking today about Phonak hearing aids phone ag is to my knowledge, the largest hearing aid company in the world. They’ve been doing hearing technology for a long time and really a mainstay in hearing technology industry.


I have a. The latest model on my ears called the Phonak Marvel I’ll try to get my ear close enough to the screen so you can kind of see my ear I hope without looking I hope you can see my ear there. So it’s a very discreet their newest position, change how it fits and feels like we’re really uncomfortable. Probably I probably have to take the device off for you to see it on my ear so I’ll reach over and kind of pull this off my ear, and kind of show you what that device looks like with a little tiny device about this thing again I put it back on my ear, I’ll be able to show you again how easy it is to insert and how cosmetically appealing It is so they’ve really done a nice job with the look and the design physically of this product.


So, it’s called the Phonak Marvel, a few things that stand out about this product, I would say the first and foremost thing is technology today with almost any hearing aid company can connect you to things like computers and phones and and televisions and churches. So you can take the audio from those devices and have it go directly input to the ears and that’s huge. Well, one thing that the Phonak Marvel offers that other companies don’t offer is that they use classic Bluetooth technology, so you can connect a phone admirable to virtually any product that has bluetooth just like you do a, a Bluetooth earpiece. The phone at Marvel can be paired to a flip phone, a brick phone, a smartphone, an iPad, anything that would have Bluetooth you can take the audio directly to the hearing device and that’s unlike almost every hearing device that’s out there so that’s a really great attribute for the Phonak Marvel so for those of us that don’t have iPhones or smartphones Marvel’s a great choice.


Secondly, the Phonak Marvel a really nice attribute is it’s now rechargeable as hearing technology gets better and better and better and faster and faster, that digital signal processing takes a tremendous amount of battery life so most hearing aids today. Because of that challenge, you’re going to get maybe four days out of every battery which means you have to take a disposable battery and change it every four days, which becomes kind of a pain so most of the technologies including phone act now has rechargeable units This is their charging unit. That would be plugged in. And you basically take the device, you’re going to set up the charging unit. When you’re ready to wear it you’re pulling the device out. And then when you’re at the end of the day, you’re going to put the device back into the charging unit.


This particular charging unit, give you an all day charge. If you do lots of streaming phone calls and music and audio through the hearing aids, you’ll get about six hours worth of life in about four hours of streaming so that pretty much checks the box for most people.


As a telecoil in their many places and for when murder is a few theaters like First Presbyterian theater downtown Fort Wayne, have what they call a framing loop, and the ability to have a teleport. I said to toll loops that are in facilities in Fort Wayne, this has a telecoil and those are compatible with each other, so I could wear this in my church which happens to have a loop. And I could go in and I’d either hit a button on my hearing device or I could hit a button on my phone, and that literally loops me into the sound source and that does that environment in this case my church, So everything all the praise the sermons goes right from the microphone directly into this hearing aid which is just an incredible technology. 

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