Hearing Aid Costs

Let’s talk about the cost of hearing aids.  You may have seen previous videos when we’ve talked about the fact that there’s six major brands hearing aids in the world. Each one of these manufacturers really make four levels of hearing devices, anywhere from premium level technology, down to entry-level technology. We also discussed that the cost to own those on a monthly basis typically ranges from $80 to $90 a month for the most expensive model, down to about $40 to $50, per month again that’s the cost to own them and wear them. And those costs include all your office visits and any repair charges and your supplies and insurance in case you lose them so really everything you need, including professional services to maintain them wherever every day and do great with those. So that’s kind of the cost. And how does that cost vary, compared to other things, so I looked up a couple of other chronic health conditions and compared the cost of hearing aids. So again, for the most expensive pair we have if you were to spend about 80 to $90 per month. If you compare that for somebody with type two diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association claims that type two diabetes typically costs some 90 $600 per year in medical costs. Divide that by 12 months pretty easy that’s about $800 a month for the treatment of diabetes, while hearing loss is another chronic condition is your device’s cost somewhere between 40 to $90, per month for the cost. So you can kind of see the comparison between them. Another example of that would be hypertension.

The Journal of the American Heart Association says that the cost for hypertension per year adds about $2,000 for someone with hypertension. So if you break that down that’s about $166 a month for treatment prime retention. And again if you compare that to the cost of hearing technologies. I think you’ll find that we’re really in line with over a health care costs. We know that healthcare costs can be expensive for lots of different things. Lots of people have what we call comorbidities which means multiple health effects going on in their life.

For what it’s worth. My wife and I established and founded the only nonprofit Hearing Center in the state of Indiana so price really is the big issue. I’d recommend you consider going to give here. org again that name is give just like it sounds here is in your hearing.org gift here.org, if somebody was not able to afford somewhere between 40 to $80 a month. There are lots of options for people that can’t afford those types of numbers.

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