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Hessen Cassel is an unincorporated community in Marion Township, Allen County, Indiana, named for the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel in Germany. Fort Wayne lies 8 miles [12.9 km] to the Northwest of Hessen-Cassel.

Hessen Cassel was platted in 1863. Hessen Cassel was originally built up chiefly by Germans.

One of the top tourist attractions in the area of Hessen Cassel is the Historic Old Fort. It is a reconstructed 19th-century military fort, with living history exhibits & demonstrations. History is kept alive at the Historic Old Fort as visitors can watch the blacksmith make nails, the tinsmith make bowls and visit the bakery with an authentic brick oven.

Speaking of history, there’s another history-rich site worth visiting at Hessen Cassel, the History Center. The museum showcases over 26,000 artifacts, documents & photographs related to local history.

Botanical lovers will love the Foellinger-Friemann Botanical Conservatory at Fort Wayne. It’s an indoor-outdoor botanical conservatory home to endangered flora & educational programs. This is a nice place to visit especially during the winter to remind yourself that things still grow.. Keep posted for the famous butterfly exhibit.

For little boys and boys at heart, a trip to the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum is a must. It’s basically a museum in a former engine house showcasing old fire trucks, firefighting gear & other memorabilia. It’s also a great place to take kids who love vehicles, fire trucks and fire fighting.

Residents and tourists who are fans of hiking and birdwatching can go to the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve. It is a protected, 756-acre wetland & native wildlife habitat featuring 10+ miles of hiking trails. It’s a beautiful avenue to go walking, fishing, biking, etc.

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I’ve been a patient of HearCare for about the last 10 years, and I have nothing but good things to say about the staff, the quality of the products and services they offer, and the caring attitudes that permeate their office. This is a well-run organization whose patient-focused values are evident, so I never feel like I'm being sold a product that isn’t right for me. (That’s not always true in the hearing industry.) I trust them to know what type of products will best serve my needs, and I count on them to stay on top of new advancements in technology that might benefit me even more. I appreciate their responsiveness when any small issue arises that needs their attention. And I like knowing how much good they’re doing in the world with their humanitarian trips to help people around the world hear. The bottom line is, I really appreciate having a provider I trust with an issue that has such a big impact on the quality of my life.
I’ve been a patient of Hear Care for 22 years and I value the time and care they have given me through the years. Ken and his staff are so friendly and thoughtful and always make me feel welcome. I have referred them to several friends because of the excellent service they provide. If you need hearing assistance, they are easy access on State St near Georgetown.
I have been going to Hear Care for 4 years. They are very professional and kind people, who greet you the minute you walk in. They have almost always been on time with my appointments. Because they take such thorough care they may need extra time once in awhile. They take time to answer my questions even if it takes extra time. . I use the Lyric brand and love it. Since it sits in my ear Ken and Patrick, and most recently Jordan are meticulous about the condition of my ear and any wax buildup. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and services I receive there. Thank you, Ken, Patrick, Jordan, Shelby, Mary and Tamara. I’d give you a 10, if I could.
Audiology Services:

Audiologist in Hessen Cassel
Hearing Aids in Hessen Cassel
Hearing Test in Hessen Cassel
Tinnitus Treatment in Hessen Cassel
Ear Wax Removal in Hessen Cassel
Widex Hearing Aids in Hessen Cassel
Oticon Hearing Aids in Hessen Cassel
ReSound Hearing Aids in Hessen Cassel
Hearing Aid Repair in Hessen Cassel
Hearing Aid Batteries in Hessen Cassel

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