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Costco is known for their low-cost yet decent quality products. When they ventured into hearing aids and released their own line, along with other existing brand names in the market, the buying public found it interesting and a large number of members patronized it.

For some, Costco means convenience and affordability. Many were drawn to the fact that they could buy hearing aids at a store that they visit frequently. However, are Costco hearing aids worth the hype?

Why do Costo hearing aids cost less than the standard?

Costco has an edge when it comes to offering lower prices than standard because of the volume buying and distribution clout concept. Of course, for you to enjoy those perks, including the chance to purchase Costco hearing aids, you’d have to be a Costco Wholesale warehouse club member.

Costco Hearing Aids and its Tradeoffs

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date models and designs of name-brand hearing aids, you won’t find them in Costco. Why? It’s because manufacturers prioritize private audiology practices when it comes to their latest and premium models.

Another thing to consider when planning to purchase Costco hearing aids is that you’ll be more likely to be fitted by a state-licensed hearing aid dispenser rather than a doctor of audiology.

If you are in the northeast Indiana area and would want to be seen and fitted with hearing aids by an audiologist, HearCare Audiology has multiple offices in the area. Give us a call to enjoy premium hearing health care. 

What are the name-brand hearing aids carried by Costco?

Costco carries digital programmable hearing aids from top name brands such as Rexton, Phonak, ReSound and Philips. Of course, these brands are in addition to Costco’s in-house brand, Kirkland Signature.

Costco Hearing Aids: Word from the experts

Costco hearing aids are locked hearing aids. We are quite lukewarm on Costco’s real ear measurement procedures, especially since they are carried out by dispensers and not audiologists or hearing specialists.

Another thing you need to consider is that there are no “loaners” for Costco hearing aids. If ever your Costco hearing aids need to be sent off to the repair facility, you may have to go without a hearing aid for quite some time.

Hearing Aids Indiana

If you’re not comfortable purchasing Costco hearing aids, going to an audiology clinic is a better idea. 

At HearCare Audiology, we give you options based on your hearing needs, budget, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Are You Ready To Hear Better?

Hearing better starts with a diagnostic hearing test to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your hearing and a conversation with a hearing health care professional to determine what measures you can take to improve your hearing.

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